List of men in service in 1915


Extract from The Eastern Daily Press September 27th 1915


Considerable anxiety has been caused as to the fate of Pte William Baker, of the Northumberland Fusiliers, as all letters and parcels addressed to him have been returned for some time, but the good news has reached his parents that he is alive and well.

The village has done exceedingly well towards the recruiting of the county, Thro’ the untiring efforts of Mr. E H Taylor, district recruiting agent, the roll of honour now reaches 58 names. Six others were rejected making a total of 64 out of a population of 700. The list contains 4 casualties, Lieutenant James H Fraser, 2nd Gordon Highlanders killed, Pte George Brighten, 1st Norfolk killed at La Basse, Private Dennis Allen, Essex Regiment lost on Royal Edward, Private A Huggins, Munster Fusiliers, badly wounded.

The list is as follows Lieutenant James H Fraser, 2nd Gordon Highlanders; William Dade, Albert Flint, Horace Kemp and Charles Brighten 1/4th Norfolks; Alfred Moore, R.F.A.; Thomas Dade and Cecil English, K.O.R.R.; Herbert Scott, 7th Middlesex; Thomas Heazle 10th Devons; William Harris, Richard Baldry, Sidney Baker, Charles Baker, Arthur Emms, Alfred Funnell, Arthur Aldis, Charles Shemmings and Arthur Richmond R.A.; George Henry 1st Norfolks: William Aldis A.S.C;  Dennis Allen, Essex Regiment; Reginald Vincent White and Sergeant major Baldry A.S.C; Charles Poyntz, shoeing Smith R.H.A; Earl Harwin K.O.R.R; Walter Moore R.F.A.; Walter Coleman, 1st Norfolks; John Frederick Emms; Charles N Whitham, 9th Canadian Mounted Rifles; George Aldis, 4th Norfolks; William Pechey,61st Provisional Batt; George Poyntz A.S.C;  Alfred Shemmings, R.E: William Moore and William Oldman, 5th Norfolks; Martin Cobb, A.S.C; Harry E Brookes, R.F.A; Frederick Moore. R.A.M.C; Walter Barker, 1st Life Guards; Arthur Huggins, Munster Fusiliers; William Poyntz R.F.A;  William Baker, Northumberland Fusiliers; George Crane, 2nd Norfolks; George Brighton, 1st Norfolks; Frederick Baker, K.A; Donald Wiseman, 3rd Coldstream Guards; George Tyrell, 1st Norfolks; Bertie Harris, H.M.S. Inflexible; Frederick Thomas Yallop, H.M.S Centurian; Paul Coleman, 6th Suffolks; Ralph White, Gloucestershire Regiment; John Wilson, William Moore, Albert Moore, Hook and Ernest Emms, 1/4th Norfolks;


On this list of men from Saxlingham there are ten men who do not appear on either of the war memorials as having died or having returned safely. At the end of the war their connection with Saxlingham must have been disputed. It is known that John Frederick Emms though originally coming from Saxlingham lived in Sutton Surrey and had done so for many years.