Funeral of Mrs Arthur Emms

Taken from Eastern Daily Press Monday  November 2nd 1914 


Funeral at Saxlingham

The funeral of Mrs. Arthur Emms took place on Saturday afternoon in the parish church burial ground at Saxlingham amidst every manifestation of grief and respect. A large number of parishioners and friends assembled to pay their tribute to one who was held in the highest esteem. The cortege was met at the church gate by the Rev. R. W. Pitt, who read the burial service. The body was encased in a polished oak coffin, with brass furniture and plate, bearing the inscription :-” Martha E. Emms, died October 26th 1914 aged 24 years”

As the body was carried into the church” O Rest in the Lord” was played. The hymns sung were “Yield not to temptation” and “Christ will gather in His Own” and as the body was being borne to the grave a funeral march was played. Miss Maples presided on the organ.

The chief mourners were the husband, father and mother, Trooper Thomas Dade   (K.O.N. Y.), Mr and Mrs J Emms, sen., Mr and Mrs S. Dade, Mrs. E Dade, Mrs. F. Hooper ( Norwich), Mrs. Blackman, Mrs. W. Lynes, Mrs F. Banham ( Shotesham), Mrs Bunnett ( Hempstead), Mrs Smith ( Bolton), Miss Mabel Dade, Miss May Dade, Mr and Mrs J Emms, Jun.,(Fundenhall) Miss Bessie Emms, Miss Alice Emms, Private E Emms ( 4th Norfolks), Mr John Emms, Miss Poyntz ( Fleggburgh), Miss Moore (Tivetshall), Mr F Hooper ( Norwich) Miss F Hooper ( Norwich), Mrs J Webster( Norwich), Mrs B English, Mrs T Dade, Mrs Bell, and Mrs F Whitham.

At the graveside were Mrs. R. W. Pitt, Miss Pitt, Mr C Bradfield, Mr John Cossey, Mrs F Pechey, Mrs A Arnold, Nurse Youngs, Mr Nobbs ( Norwich) Mrs B Page( Hempnall), Mr and Mrs F S Read, Miss E Read, Miss Nicholson, Miss Wiseman, Mrs W Davey , Mrs W Moore, Mrs W Funnell, Mrs Randall ( Shotesham) Mr and Mrs E Wilson ( Shotesham) Mrs Bond, Miss Bond, Mrs Harvey, Miss K Harvey, Trooper C English (K.O.N.Y.)  Mrs A Barnham, Miss A Barnham Mrs C English, Mr Brighton( Newton) Miss O Bond, Mrs W. Hook, Mrs W Moore, Mr W. Muskett, Mrs Ayres, Mrs Brighton ( Newton), Miss M Brighton, Mrs D Emms, Mrs J Ramus, Mrs H Buckenham, Mrs Wilson, Miss Back, Miss Bell, Miss W Whitham, Mrs E Emms, Mrs J Aldis, Mrs Huggins, Mrs W Harris, Mrs Scott, Mrs A E Brighton (Newton Flotman), Mrs J Flint, Mrs G Fulcher, Mr W Steel, Mr L Brighton, Mrs R Moore,, Mrs E Hook, Mrs T Heazle, Miss R Hooper(Norwich), Mr A Edwards ( Norwich), Mr B Lloyd ( Woodton), Mr W Hook, Mr W Funnell, Mr C Clarke, and Mr Cooper.

Floral tributes were sent by sorrowing husband and children, mother and father, Lua, Fred and Sonnie, Lily and Mabel, Tom and Fanny and baby, Mabel and May, Herbert and Jim, Cousin Rose and Maurice, Fred and family, Uncle Hind and cousins at Fleggburgh, Kate and Rose, Aunt Liz and all, Uncle Dick and Aunt Sally, Bessie and Alice, Jim and Beatie, Cousin Rose, Gertie and Will, Cousin Alice and Fred, Mr and  Mrs Campbell Steward , Mr and Mrs Wiseman and Edith, Mrs Harvey, Ethel Nicholson, Mr and Mrs Cheney, Mr and Mrs Bell and family, Mr and Mrs Davey, Mrs J Aldis, Mr and Mrs W Hook, Mr and Mrs H Nobbs, Mr and Mrs C Bradfield, Dr and Mrs Webb-Ware, Rev. And Mrs R. W. Pitt, Mr and Mrs W Funnell, Mr and Mrs B Page, Mrs D Emms and Florrie, Mr and Mrs W Moore, Mrs. G Brighton, Miss M Brighton, A J Barnham, Mr and Mrs P Wilson ( Shotesham) Mrs W Hooper and family, Mr and Mrs C English and family, Mrs B English and family, Mr and Mrs R Roll ( Norwich) Miss H Poyntz, Mrs Bond and family, Mr and Mrs Woodhouse.

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